Solar panels


Any one of the following sectors could do enough to push this over the edge.


States have the resources, land, and people. A state could wipe out its own debt and add funds to pensions with energy.


An obvious candidate for early adopter as they have the infrastructure in place. Many states are mandating that the utilities will have a certain percent renewable by a certain date. They have the customer base.

Industry Groups

Companies within certain industry groups will come together and collaborate on these solutions. For example the high tech industry could push for their supply chains and customers to get onto renewable energy. Software and hardware companies will form together and do this. IT companies could establish pricing models where they are paid in energy. IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, all could earn huge profits in terms of Power


Associations have a great opportunity to drive new energy. They can pool their member's resources and build large scale systems. Then the members will enjoy the resulting credits which they can use, trade, purchase, and sell. One association like the National Automobile Dealer Association can make a huge difference. The NADA would provide the framework for their 20000 member car dealers to join. Then these dealers pass membership benefits onto their customers.


Universities are an excellent source of early adopters. They can subsidize these activities. They can build new vehicles, new energy and so on. They also sit on a lot of land and can install the energy devices. Vehicles on campus tend to travel locally and easily move to all electric or PHEV.

Research Institutions

like universities, are sitting on large amounts of land and have the resources to build things for the long term without requiring immediate ROI.

Financial Institutions

Banks that have bad loans can use this to fix their balance sheets. They cannot sell the bad asset but they put some renewable energy sources on distressed properties and sell the energy.


use scale to set up large systems. Employees, and even customers or suppliers can buy into the plants and share in the output. Companies like Google, Apple, Home Depot, and Walmart can make the whole thing happen.


They pay a higher price to be on the leading edge. People who buy the new Tesla pay three times the price of a normal car.


The logistics requirements of fuel are difficult in remote locations. Vehicles on the battlefield will provide the power for new laser weapon systems.