Solar panels

P2P Network

Decentralized energy let's us take a new look at this energy situation. Let's start at the grass roots and work your way up to the national level, going from individuals, through groups, neighborhoods, companies, towns, on up to national level.

Many Small Beats Few Big

There is a case to be said for grassroots level power generation. The power of a small number compounded many times, is very strong. Any person, company, city or state can take the lead. Once the first one is successful, then others will follow. The early adopters will get a small short term financial return on their own investment but an additional emotional return on investment. They will get a jump on what will become a great new market.


In the future we will see millions of cars and trucks with energy, along with millions of small energy units at fixed locations. This offers a great opportunity for them to trade directly with each other.


Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a collaboration model that ties together computing resources to link straight with each other over a network. Most people associate P2P with file sharing and the negative connotations of illegal downloading of movies.

Wealth Creation

Some successful entrepreneurs will become gigawattaires.

Cut Pollution