Solar panels

Smart Grid

It is conceivable that we could triple our energy production without needing to add too much in the way of high voltage transmission lines. The utilities may need to upgrade their transformers and such equipment as new power sources come online. In a modern network, the computers communicate automatically to link with compatible partners.

The power grid has capacity constraints are aging and expensive to improve. Construction of new power plants and transmission capacity is expensive. At times, demand for electricity has caused shortages, brown outs, and occasional large scale blackouts. Utilities and software companies build their networks to meet customer demand. The conventional way to handle customer demand is to build more power plants. This requires a large amount of capital and planning. This book proposes that while some large power plants are fine, it is not necessary. The power developed through distributed energy could triple the output by 2030 without any new large power plants. The smart grid takes the IT tools we use, and applies it to the antiquated electricity grid.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency